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Rudolf Hess: The British Illusion of Peace

John Harris

John Harris is one of the leading writers into the reasons why, and, as to what actually happened on 10th May 1941 when Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland.

John Harris's second book: Hess The British Conspiricy sold over 15000 copies and has subsequently had a second paperback reprint.

This John Harris's third book on the Rudolf Hess mystery and as Peter Padbury, author of Hess: Flight of the Fuhrer says, "I can recommend this account of their researches as probably the most important contribution to the debate so far".

There are many strands and facets to the Hess affair, the flight, the John Harris has attempted to tell the complete story, drawing on his extensive research into the affair over many years. For the first time a cogent, logical explanation is presented to the readers to the complete sequence of events and thought processes that eventually led to the unprecendented flight of 10th May 1941. The reader will learn why Hess flew, the pressures he was under, where he was hoping to land and what he was hoping to achieve. The reader will also learn as to what infomation Hess based his decision to fly upon and exactly how that information was passed to him. In many instances the facts and personnel are stranger than fiction.

"A fascinating and engagingly written investigation into Hess's peace mission to this country at the height of the second world war, and the extent of British involvment. The authors are genuine seekers after truth and provide deep and sometimes sensational insights into the mission." Peter Padbury

Now Available £18.99

ISBN 978-1-871468-44-1

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